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"This Is a Great Book!"

101 events for building enthusiastic readers inside and outside the classroom — from chapter books to young adult novels

“This Is a Great Book!” champions the belief that having a wide range of “great” books to read is essential to students’ becoming readers — both inside the classroom, and beyond. Based on extensive research, this highly readable book explores a range of recommended titles that cover a spectrum of developmental stages, from early chapter books to young adult novels. The 101 literacy events outlined within include a wealth of practical strategies: more than fifty reproducible activities, assessment profiles, and inventories for easy classroom use. Committed to nurturing the love of reading, this passionate book invites readers to dig deeper by responding through writing, discussion, the arts, media, and more. Special attention is given to the world of leisure reading, where readers make choices based on their preferences and tastes as they build a lifelong interest in fiction that will enrich their lives.

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Author(s): Larry Swartz and Shelley Stagg Peterson

Pages: 136 Publication Date: 2015 ISBN: 9781551383088

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