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Reading Sampler

A sneak peek at Pembroke's newest & best

We are pleased to offer sample chapters from our newest and bestselling titles on teaching reading—a peek inside THREE key resources, completely FREE!

This is How We Teach Reading…And It's Working!
Week-by-week, step-by-step skill progressions, along with the background and information you need for teaching phonics in K–3 classrooms. This blueprint to effective reading instruction includes tools for classroom use: high-impact activities, word lists, phoneme-grapheme grids, word ladders, and more.

Sometimes Reading is Hard
Teaching strategies such as mentor texts, guided reading, poetry, and reading conferences are used to encourage students to be proficient and tenacious even when reading is hard. Teachers learn how to weave both the science and skills of reading and the factors of motivation into their daily instructional practice.

Literacy Leadership Matters
This practical book offers the literacy fundamentals school leaders need to understand and support teachers and students. It empowers principals to inspire and lead schools where reading, writing, and literacy flourish.

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Author(s): Heather Willms and Giacinta Alberti and Robin Bright and Karen Filewych

Pages: 47 Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 155138RESMPLR

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