Hands Down, Speak Out

How can we lay the groundwork for classroom conversations that are less teacher-directed and more conducive to student-to-student dialogue?

This unique book offers an innovative discourse structure in which students’ ideas and...

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Cultivating Writers

The 6 essential steps for nurturing writers who have the will to write are at the core of this practical book. Based on extensive classroom experience, the book...


Cultivating Readers

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Writing with Passion and Purpose

Join us on Thursday, October 1 at 7:00 pm (ET) for a FREE webinar focusing on turning writing from a dreaded chore into a thoughtful, joyful exercise.

Help your students see writing as more than just a chore, and tap into a love for the written word. Author/educators Anne Elliott, Mary Lynch, and Karen Filewych will explore ways to inspire students to write what they know, what they think about, and how they feel.

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