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Writing Maniac

How I grew up to be a writer (and you can too!)

Award-winning author, Sheree Fitch, shares her experiences in life and as a writer! From her early memories of her father reciting poetry to her, through encouragement from her teachers to have fun with words, to her life as a published writer and mother, Sheree draws readers into her passion for writing and invites us all to come along. Vivid memories, "snapshot" descriptions of moments of inspiration and lists of "stuff to try" help readers see the magic in life and in writing. From getting the creative juices flowing and finding original topics to to creating a whole new vocabulary, the book also focuses on the fun of language. A must for any kid or adult who ever wanted to know the story behind the stories.

Author(s): Sheree Fitch

Pages: 96 Publication Date: 2000 ISBN: 9781551381213

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