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Literature & Science Breakthroughs

Connecting language & science skills in the elementary classroom

How to use the best children`s books to teach science skills in elementary classrooms. Strategies for using fiction and non-fiction, big books, novels, storybooks, pop-ups, poetry, and discovery books to bring all aspects of science to life for children in elementary classrooms. Organized around the the major science strands, the book looks at using literature to achieve science outcomes in:

  • life systems
  • matter and materials
  • energy and control
  • structure and mechanics
  • earth and space systems

Teachers will learn wonderful ways to make real world connections using children`s literature. Background information, webs, skill charts, tools for evaluation, and a bibliography are also included.

Author(s): Jo-Anne Lake

Pages: 120 Publication Date: 2000 ISBN: 9781551381268

Price: $ 28.95
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