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Leap into Literacy

Teaching the tough stuff so it sticks!

This sensible, invigorating book offers lesson plans and practical suggestions for stimulating active learning and creating learning opportunities in new ways. It directs teachers to simple methods of inspiring a questioning attitude that will help students master skills, acquire information, and become critically aware of their own possibilities as learners. The book shows teachers how to encourage students to:

  • grapple with problems that interest them and share new understandings
  • represent their new understanding in drama and movement, visual arts, and electronic media
  • share leadership in groups as they talk through ideas
  • engage in ideas that force them to rethink what they know
  • reflect on how, what, why and when they are learning

Teachers will find engaging entry points and proven strategies they can use, and a refreshed and revitalized view of everyday teaching they will love.

**Please note: Leap into Literacy is now available in eBook format ONLY.**

Author(s): Kathleen Gould Lundy

Pages: 128 Publication Date: 2007 ISBN: 9781551382128

Price: $ 25.95
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