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Surviving and Thriving

Making classroom management and organization work for you and your students

Successful classroom organization and management can be the key to a calm, well-run classroom environment that promotes and encourages learning. This handy flipbook offers practical tips for a thoughtfully organized classroom, with effective routines and procedures that can be put into action before, during, and after learning.

  • Before Class: What needs to be considered before students arrive, each year and each day?
  • During Class: How will students and teachers function during class time?
  • After Class: What can be done after students leave to ensure the smooth transition from one day to the next?

Get the answers to all these questions and many more with this handy little book that provides a great quick reference throughout the school year.

Author(s): Maria Carty

Pages: 32 Publication Date: 2010 ISBN: 9781551382517

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