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Dramathemes, 4th Edition

Classroom literacy that will excite, surprise, and stimulate learning

In this totally revised 4th edition, Larry Swartz digs deeply into the riches of the past three books and considers the experiences of language arts teachers who have used all three versions for almost three decades.

Full of engaging new ideas, the book includes many new sources and carefully chosen strategies for exploring challenging issues with students, including identity, poverty, diversity, bullying, and immigration. Literary sources are at the root of this amazing book, and encompass picture books, novels, poetry, scripts, and photographs. Compelling strategies throughout the book are designed to enrich interactive possibilities amongst learners in the language arts classroom. By reading, writing, and talking both in and out of role, students can develop and share their responses, stories, and ideas. A bestselling classroom resource for almost thirty years, Dramathemes is an ideal book for teachers who want to put drama into literacy programs, and literacy into drama programs.

**Please note: Dramathemes, 4th Edition is now available in eBook format ONLY.**

Author(s): Larry Swartz

Pages: 160 Publication Date: 2014 ISBN: 9781551383002

Price: $ 25.95
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