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Invitations to Play

Using play to build literacy skills in young learners

Our youngest learners thrive when their learning environment is one that celebrates curiosity, exploration, and imagination. This comprehensive resource sets the stage for play-based learning that will help children build a strong literacy foundation, as well as successfully negotiate the choices they make in real life.

A perfect blend of theory and instruction, Invitations to Play offers background and strategies for you to explore all aspects of playful learning. It shows you how to

  • incorporate digital literacy — choose and use apps that will access children’s imaginary worlds and promote creative collaboration
  • use music to develop sensory and collaborative learning — create music play centres that include making instruments from household items
  • build on student home languages and ideas — guide children into English knowledge through social and collaborative interactions
  • nurture multiple literacies — innovative ways to use play as scaffolding for later explorations in literacy

Invitations to Play gives new and experienced teachers a road map to involve and engage their young students in all forms of literacy learning.

Author(s): Anne Burke

Pages: 128 Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 9781551383361

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