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Assessment in Action

Just-in-time feedback to clarify goals, make progress visible, uncover misunderstandings, and move student learning forward

This essential resource shows teachers how to observe students at work and use those observations to inform classroom instruction. It explores effective ways to collect evidence of student learning and guide them towards becoming active participants in the learning process. Helping students understand and clarify what they know and how to use success criteria to guide their work is a key focus. This practical book on assessment and feedback offers hands-on tools to help students track, document, and articulate their learning. These tools are designed to inform reflection and encourage conversation, so students can better explain, question, and refine their thinking.

Coming in November 2024 – Pre-order today!

Author(s): Theresa Meikle

Pages: 160 Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 9781551383705

Price: $ 32.95
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