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Naked Reading

Uncovering what tweens need to become lifelong readers

For teachers, the tween years can be both the best and worst of times. While some fourth-to-ninth graders come to see books as a lifeline to comprehension, too many experience the "fourth-grade slump" — a marked decline in interest and achievement in reading.

This unique book examines ways that educators can help interest kids in books and keep them reading during this crucial period, including:

  • developmental attributes of tweens
  • emerging interests for tweens
  • themes and plots tweens find most engaging
  • annotations for scores of children`s and YA literature that`s most appropriate for tweens
  • practical classroom activities for sparking engagement and interest

Naked Reading is also loaded with titles to help you connect kids with the books that they will love.

Author(s): Teri Lesesne

Pages: 128 Publication Date: 2006 ISBN: 9781571104168

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