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Growing Independent Learners

From literacy standards to stations, K-3

A comprehensive guide — with more than 400 full-color photos — to help plan instruction focused on literacy standards, organize your classroom for maximum benefit, and lead your students to independence through whole-group lessons, small-group focus, and partner learning at literacy stations. The first four chapters lay the foundation with the planning, organizing, and instruction that are essential for success with literacy work stations. Later chapters focus on standards-based instruction that is built around key reading, writing, and foundational skills as well as speaking, listening, and language standards. Growing Independent Learners will help you create a vibrant classroom filled with independent learners. This book will quickly become an essential resource for any teacher who believes that all children can learn to independence in a well-organized and mindful classroom.


Author(s): Debbie Diller

Pages: 308 Publication Date: 2015 ISBN: 9781571109125

Price: $ 78.95
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