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The Author's Apprentice

Developing writing fluency, stamina, and motivation through authentic publication

This bold book reinvents the writer's workshop using an authentic and engaging "apprenticeship" approach based on the advice of authors students are currently reading. The book integrates classroom practices from Kelly Gallagher, Ralph Fletcher, Lynne Dorfman, and Nancie Atwell with writing practices from authors such as Rick Riordan, Lois Lowry, Gordon Korman, and Margaret Peterson Haddix. Using the experiences of these successful teachers and authors, the books creates a classroom where student authors contribute their words to the world and gain the self-confidence to become skillful independent writers.

Author(s): Vicki Meigs-Kahlenberg

Pages: 304 Publication Date: 2016 ISBN: 9781571109415

Price: $ 39.95
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