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Readers Front and Center

Helping all students engage with complex text

How can you ensure that students are fully entering, absorbing, and experiencing the texts they read? Readers Front and Center answers your comprehension questions by framing instruction that starts with the student. You'll learn how to

  • research and listen to your students so your teaching can be more targeted
  • notice and name your students' thinking so they can "see" what complex thinking looks and sounds like
  • set up your students to be problem solvers
  • prepare your students to do increasingly complex thinking in increasingly complex texts

Filled with examples of one-on-one conferences, small groups, and whole-class scenarios, this essential book provides an accessible and inspiring model of how -- and why -- we need to put students at the front and center of our teaching.

Author(s): Dorothy Barnhouse

Pages: 176 Publication Date: 2014 ISBN: 9781571109675

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