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Thinking Like a Generalist

Skills for navigating a complex world

A generalist is curious, open-minded, skeptical, and persistent in their quest for information. Thinking Like a Generalist demonstrates what it means to take a generalist stance in instruction and provides a set of teaching tools to be able to pass those skills to students—skills that will transfer beyond the walls of the classroom. Inside you’ll find the following:

  • a thorough introduction to what it means to be a “generalist”, and how to develop the practices and tools that help generalists navigate the world we live in
  • a focus on the teacher becoming a generalist and tips for modeling those practices in the classroom
  • detailed instructions on how to write a unit of study that emphasizes generalist literacy skills and includes an overview and examples of five different units
  • how to use the authors’ read-aloud-think-aloud strategy to orient students to generalist tools and practices

The ideas, strategies, and examples in Thinking Like a Generalist will give you the tools to think like a generalist and then pass that knowledge on to your students, guiding them to become inquisitive, lifelong learners and preparing them for a future that we can’t yet imagine.

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Author(s): Angela Kohnen and Wendy Saul

Pages: 200 Publication Date: 2020 ISBN: 9781625311061

Price: $ 44.95
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