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Joyful Math

Invitations to play and explore in the early childhood classroom

Joyful Math is about creating invitations for young children to engage with math ideas through art, literacy, and outdoor play. It focuses on building spaces in early childhood classrooms where children see themselves as mathematical thinkers with valuable ideas from the very start. The book is filled with a range of tools and models, including:

  • stories, vignettes, and photos illustrating how to develop a classroom environment that fosters curiosity and wonder for mathematics
  • practical tips for inviting students to engage in mathematical play throughout the day
  • examples of ways to document children’s experiences to make math learning visible to parents and the greater community

Supported by her experiences exploring math with young children, Deanna’s methods will inspire educators to be curious about math, take risks, try different approaches, observe carefully, and collaborate with children as co-learners.


Author(s): Deanna McLennan

Pages: 160 Publication Date: 2020 ISBN: 9781625313256

Price: $ 52.95
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