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Writing Rhetorically

Fostering responsive thinkers and communicators

In Writing Rhetorically, Jennifer Fletcher provides teachers with strategies and frameworks for writing instruction that cultivate student expertise and autonomy. By teaching writing rhetorically, we support students in becoming independent problem solvers. They learn how to discover their own questions, design their own inquiry process, develop their own positions and purposes, make their own choices about content and form, and contribute to conversations that matter to them.

Inside this book, Jennifer examines the rhetorical writing skills and practices that help students effectively communicate across contexts while providing successful ways to foster

  • inquiry, invention, and rhetorical thinking,
  • writing for transfer,
  • paraphrasing, summary, synthesis, and citation skills,
  • research skills and processes,
  • evidence-based reasoning, and
  • rhetorical decision making.

Rhetorical decision making helps students develop the skills, knowledge, and mindsets needed for transfer of learning: the ability to adapt and apply learning in new settings. The more choices students make as writers, the better prepared they are to analyze and respond to diverse rhetorical situations.

Author(s): Jennifer Fletcher

Pages: 320 Publication Date: 2021 ISBN: 9781625313881

Price: $ 50.95
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