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5 Kinds of Nonfiction

Enriching reading and writing instruction with children's books

For decades, we’ve classified fiction as a way to study, understand, and, ultimately, teach literacy better. However, up to now, nonfiction hasn’t received this same level of intention. In 5 Kinds of Nonfiction, Melissa Stewart and Marlene Correia present a new way to sort nonfiction into five major categories and show how doing so can help teachers and librarians build stronger readers and writers. Along the way, they

  • introduce the 5 kinds of nonfiction—active, browseable, traditional, expository literature, and narrative—and explore each category through discussions, classroom examples, and insights from leading children’s book authors;
  • offer tips for building strong, diverse classroom and library collections;
  • provide more than 20 activities to enhance literacy instruction; and
  • include innovative strategies for sharing and celebrating nonfiction with students.

With more than 150 exemplary nonfiction book recommendations and Stewart and Correia’s extensive knowledge of literacy instruction, 5 Kinds of Nonfiction will elevate your understanding of nonfiction in ways that speak specifically to the info-kids in your classrooms, and will inspire all readers and writers.

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Author(s): Melissa Stewart and Marlene Correia

Pages: 240 Publication Date: 2020 ISBN: 9781625314178

Price: $ 58.95
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