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Phonological Awareness

Assessment tools & strategies

Do you find yourself asking: How am I supposed to put assessment, differentiated instruction, and multi-tiered instruction into practice? In this book, author Yvette Zgonc gives you a wealth of phonological awareness activities directly tied into the three-tiered model of RTI. At your fingertips, you’ll find activities for use with the whole class, for small groups not making adequate progress, and for individual students who need the most intensive and explicit instruction. Informed by research on how the brain learns best, these songs, poems, games, and activities will keep students engaged, involved, and having fun—because that’s when learning is sustained. So whether they’re pretending to be superheroes, surgical assistants, baseball pitchers, or just lowly worms, get ready to see your students actually enjoy strengthening their phonological awareness skills. This jam-packed collection will help you to: Engage students with easy-to-do activities that take little or no prep-time; Tailor your instruction to students’ individual needs; Assess students’ phonological awareness skills (with tests in English & Spanish); Monitor & track student progress; and Integrate works of children’s literature into skills-based activities. Whether or not you are following the three-tiered RTI model, this volume will help you to effectively teach and keep track of your students. And that brings you one step closer to the ultimate goal—success for all children.

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Author(s): Yvette Zgonc

Pages: 184 Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 9781934026809

Price: $ 42.95
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