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Zeroing In on Number and Operations Set

Key ideas and common misconceptions

This group of handy flipcharts, organized by grade level, features easy-to-use tools for teaching key concepts in number and operations and for addressing common misconceptions. Each book in the series provides 30 research-based, classroom-tested modules that zero in on the key mathematical strategies and concepts essential for that grade level, while highlighting the importance of teacher language in the development of those skills.

Also available as individual books by grade level:

Pre-K-K: Numbers, Relationships, and Addition and Subtraction
Grades 1-2: Counting, Number Sense, and Numeration
Grades 3-4: Whole Numbers, Addition, and Subtraction
Grades 5-6: Whole Numbers and Operations, Fractions, and Decimals
Grades 7-8: Number Theory and Integers, Percentages, and Ratios

Author(s): Linda Dacey and Anne Collins

Pages: 362 Publication Date: 2011 ISBN: 978ZEROST085D

Price: $ 90.00
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