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The Heart-Centered Teacher

Restoring hope, joy, and possibility in uncertain times

How do we find hope and possibility in challenging times? How do we bring our truest selves into our teaching and personal lives? In this unique, inspiring book, beloved author Regie Routman artfully blends stories and strategies to show how we can introduce more joy, authenticity, and gratitude in our classrooms and in our lives.

Regie invites us to focus on what matters most in our work and in our relationships with those we hold dear. She shares ideas and practical takeaways for teaching, learning, and living:

  • Seeing and celebrating each learner’s gifts and strengths
  • Creating a storytelling culture
  • Ensuring equitable opportunities for all
  • Co-creating welcoming spaces and routines
  • Developing professional knowledge
  • Championing the reading-writing connection
  • Fostering resilience and hope
  • Taking care of ourselves and our students
  • Making a worthy difference

Check out Regie’s video welcome  and companion website.

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Author(s): Regie Routman

Pages: 294 Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 9781032445502

Price: $ 42.95
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