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Information Transformation

Teaching strategies for authentic research, projects and activities

Hundreds of ideas will help students work with all forms of information. Topics range from the initial selection of a subject, through all the stages of research to a final presentation. Organized around three major sections, students learn how to:

  1. identify what they need to find out — generate ideas, ask questions, summarize, create a plan, etc.
  2. use better search techniques for better results — refine strategies, identify and evaluate sources; build skills to make sense of data
  3. transform ideas into unique messages — draft, polish and share what they know.

Ready-to-copy activities, technology applications, student self-assessment ideas, and strategy summaries complement this comprehensive resource.

Author(s): Tricia Armstrong

Pages: 160 Publication Date: 2000 ISBN: 9781551381220

Price: $ 28.95
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