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The Novel Experience

Steps for choosing and using novels in the classroom

Tired of struggling to maintain your students' interest and enthusiasm in the class reading assignment? Move beyond the typical novel study with this refreshing exploration of how and why we read that will revitalize the novel in any classroom.

The simple steps in this handy book give insight into the ways we make connections between what we read and our past experiences, both real and literary, to form a more complete understanding. The book also models comprehension strategies to use before, during, and after reading that will help readers to hone their skills and clarify what they've read.

With practical tips for getting started with books, choosing novels to match students' interests and abilities, and new ways to share responses with others, this book has everything you need to jump-start the novel in your classroom. The Novel Experience will help you and your students fire your imaginations as you share and celebrate stories together.

Author(s): Larry Swartz

Pages: 32 Publication Date: 2006 ISBN: 9781551382005

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