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Moving Math

How to use thinking skills to help students make sense of mathematical concepts and support numeracy development

Moving Math focuses on ‘moving’ the teaching and learning of mathematics by shifting instruction and assessment practices. The book describes how using various thinking skills helps students make sense of mathematical concepts. Key thinking skills — inferring and interpreting; analyzing; evaluating; making connections; synthesizing; reasoning and proving; and reflecting — are deconstructed and modeled through suggested learning experiences across various grades. The book offers possible student solutions that demonstrate how the thinking skills support the intended mathematical learning.

Designed to make mathematical learning tangible and engaging, hands-on activities encourage students to ask questions, pose problems to solve, and explore ideas that will move their thinking forward. Evidence of student thinking and learning is described through the lens of the learning goal and success criteria. Examples of feedback to move students forward are included. Moving Math will empower you and your students to explore meaningful learning that invites questioning, deep thinking, and purposeful math discussion.



Author(s): Mary Fiore and Maria Luisa Lebar

Pages: 128 Publication Date: 2017 ISBN: 9781551383255

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