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Mathematizing Student Thinking

Connecting problem solving to everyday life and building capable and confident math learners

How can you broaden student thinking and help them develop their independence and confidence as problem solvers? Real-life problems are a remarkable tool to stretch student thinking and help them develop a deeper understanding of mathematics and its role in everyday life. Rather than using textbook exercises, the book argues that solving real-world problems promotes flexibility and encourages students to adjust and grow their thinking. It inspires them to consider alternatives and apply math in authentic contexts. You will find practical ways to engage students in critical thinking, develop their independence, and make connections with the world.

"…an interesting book for thinking… Teachers will find it can help them…" — Tim Sibbald, OAME/AOEM Gazette


Author(s): David Costello

Pages: 160 Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 9781551383569

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