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Reggio-Inspired Literacy in Primary Classrooms

Nurturing children to listen, prompt, guide, and research as they work together for more meaningful learning

This practical book shows teachers what Reggio-inspired experiences look like in primary classrooms. Based on extensive classroom experience, the real-life examples explore how teachers can observe children to better motivate, engage, and inspire them. Teachers will find simple ways to guide children to become effective problem solvers and build deeper learning in reading, writing, oral language, and listening. The hands-on activities revolve around topics children care about and are designed to foster skills in communication, collaboration, and finding meaning in the world around them. This mixture of theory and Reggio-inspired practices puts the child at the centre of their learning.

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Author(s): Jennifer Kelly

Pages: 160 Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 9781551383682

Price: $ 32.95
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