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Good Choice!

Supporting reading and response, K-6

The book outlines components that foster successful independent reading in grades K–6, and examines practices that establish independent reading and borrowing routines; provide adequate resources for independent reading; support children in selecting a wide range of appropriate texts; and offer opportunities for children to respond to their reading. With examples appropriate to emergent readers in grades K through 2, as well as more seasoned readers in grades 3 through 6, the book provides a comprehensive plan for integrating independent reading throughout the day. The book offers systems for organizing the class library and checking books in and out, lessons on book selection and responding to text, advice on supporting children and parents in home reading, guidance on conferring with students, and an array of helpful appendix materials that include graphic organizers, questionnaires, and assessment and monitoring rubrics.

Author(s): Tony Stead

Pages: 264 Publication Date: 2008 ISBN: 9781571107329

Price: $ 48.95
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