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The Art of Comprehension

Exploring visual texts to foster comprehension, conversation, and confidence

In The Art of Comprehension, Trevor A. Bryan introduces his signature method for enhancing students’ understanding and thinking about all texts — both written and visual. By using what he calls “access lenses” (such as faces, body language, sound/silence) you can create a more student-centered classroom. 

  • Discover inventive ways to prompt students to notice, think about, and synthesize visuals — using the same observation and comprehension skills they can bring to reading and writing.
  • Learn how to unravel layers of meaning in picture books, chapter books, artwork, poetry, and informational text.
  • Explore the book’s eclectic collection of art and illustration, by acclaimed illustrator Peter H. Reynolds, 19th century masters, and more. 

Bryan’s approach allows all students to engage meaningfully with texts and join the classroom conversation. With this comes the greatest reward of all: confidence and independence for all kinds of learners.

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Author(s): Trevor A. Bryan

Pages: 168 Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 9781625311689

Price: $ 60.95
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