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Intentional from the Start

Guiding emergent readers in small groups

This thoughtful book explores how emergent readers learn best and position text levels appropriately in the service of students. They also turn their attention to a comprehensive exploration of the particular needs of emergent readers and how the work they do at the earliest emergent levels of reading and writing lays a critical foundation necessary for them to continue growing successfully into the next steps and beyond. As they examine the needs of learners working at each emergent text level individually, the authors

  • detail the specific demands the books in that text level require and how to best coach young readers working through them;
  • highlight instructional procedures for reading, writing, and word study that can be put to use immediately at your small group table;
  • suggest optimal schedules, techniques, and formats for efficient instruction at that level; and
  • unpack the book characteristics specific to that level and demonstrate ways to capitalize on them to intentionally support emergent readers and writers.

With plenty of useful classroom examples, as well as additional online resources with literacy center ideas that correlate directly with the work students are doing at particular levels, this book is a resource your emergent reading teacher heart will reach for again and again.

Author(s): Carolyn Helmers and Susan Vincent

Pages: 192 Publication Date: 2021 ISBN: 9781625311948

Price: $ 62.95
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