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Quick writes to kindle hearts and minds in elementary classrooms

The act of writing doesn’t just convey our thinking; it shapes our thinking. Discover “quick writes”—short, frequent bursts of low-stakes writing that allow young students to explore on paper. This purposeful approach offers ways for children to create a rich array of writing, nurturing a broad range of skills: metacognitive skills, and a mindset of reflection, motivation, and gratitude. Spark! provides practical, enjoyable tools that meet your students where they are in their writing development, and produce tangible results — increased volume and stamina; deeper thinking and discovery of voice; more effective and confident communication; the exploration and appreciation of the diverse thinking of others; and much, much more.

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Author(s): Paula Bourque

Pages: 184 Publication Date: 2019 ISBN: 9781625312006

Price: $ 61.95
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