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6 Tools for Collaborative Mathematics Teaching

In 6 Tools for Collaborative Mathematics Coaching, Nicora Placa lays out a clear path to help you become a trusted, collaborative, effective math coach. The 6 Tools are flexible structures that you and your colleagues can use to learn together:

  1. Building Teams—Fostering a Learning Community
  2. Student Interviews—Learning to Listen
  3. Visiting Classrooms—Developing Your Lens
  4. Learning Walks—Focusing the Team on Students’ Thinking
  5. Rehearsing Routines—Practicing with Colleagues
  6. Lesson Study—Learning Collectively with Voice, Choice, and Agency

In this easy-to-use, practical guide, Nicora introduces each of the 6 Tools with classroom vignettes, step-by-step guidelines for rollout, connections to the literature, resources for further research, planning templates, and opportunities for you to adapt the tool for your particular context.

Whether you're a new coach who loves teaching math to children but is new to adult education, or a more experienced coach who is looking for new strategies to engage your teams, 6 Tools for Collaborative Mathematics Coaching can help you create learning opportunities that honor teachers as professionals. With a collaborative coaching approach, you can improve teaching and learning across your school and for all your students.

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Author(s): Nicora Placa

Pages: 216 Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 9781625313843

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