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Patterns of Wonder

Inviting emergent writers to play with the conventions of language, PreK-1

Building on the same playful qualities of the invitational process introduced in their bestselling Patterns of Power series, Whitney La Rocca and Jeff Anderson turn their instructional lens to our youngest writers, sharing new ways we can invite them to experiment, have fun, and take risks with writing and language. Outlining an adjusted invitational process, adapted especially for use with emergent writers, the book positions grammar and concepts about print instruction across three overlapping levels of support: oral language, illustrating, and writing. Practical and hands-on, this valuable resource includes over fifty sample lessons that pinpoint and build cumulatively across the most common needs of emergent writers.

Author(s): Whitney La Rocca and Jeff Anderson

Pages: 400 Publication Date: 2021 ISBN: 9781625314505

Price: $ 109.95
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