New Titles

  • Thinking Like a Generalist

    Skills for navigating a complex world

    A generalist is curious, open-minded, skeptical, and persistent in their quest for information. Thinking Like a Generalist demonstrates what it means to take a generalist stance in instruction and provides a set of teaching tools to be able to pass those skills to students—skills that will transfer beyond the walls of the classroom. Inside you’ll find the following:

    • a thorough introduction to what it means to be a “generalist”, and how to develop the practices and tools that help generalists navigate the world we live in
    • a focus on the teacher becoming a generalist and tips for modeling those practices in the classroom
    • detailed instructions on how to write a unit of study that emphasizes generalist literacy skills and includes an overview and examples of five different units
    • how to use the authors’ read-aloud-think-aloud strategy to orient students to generalist tools and practices

    The ideas, strategies, and examples in Thinking Like a Generalist will give you the tools to think like a generalist and then pass that knowledge on to your students, guiding them to become inquisitive, lifelong learners and preparing them for a future that we can’t yet imagine.

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    Author(s): Angela Kohnen and Wendy Saul

    Pages: 200
    Publication Date: 2020
    ISBN: 9781625311061

    Price: $ 44.95
  • Literacy Workshop, The

    Where Reading and Writing Converge

    The Literacy Workshop is a first-of-its-kind resource that offers a practical process for creating an integrated literacy workshop using demonstration lessons that align with current curriculum standards. By weaving together the common threads of literacy learning, you can increase the time your students spend engaged in authentic reading and writing. Inside you’ll find the following:

    • a clear, succinct explanation of the structure of the literacy workshop, how to get started, and how to determine when it’s best to merge the two workshops into one
    • 50+ demonstration lessons, appropriate for both primary and intermediate grades using strategies that incorporate elements from recommended fiction and nonfiction anchor texts
    • substantial, printable resources and tools to help make this instructional shift as smooth as possible

    From the big picture to the helpful details, The Literacy Workshop will be your guide as you blur the lines between your workshops—creating space for students to apply their learning and practice the habits, behaviors, and actions of literate, engaged citizens.

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    Author(s): Maria Walther and Karen Biggs-Tucker

    Pages: 304
    Publication Date: 2020
    ISBN: 9781625311962

    Price: $ 49.95
  • Patterns of Power, Grades 6-8

    Inviting adolescent writers into the conventions of language

    “Is this right? Is this how it’s supposed to look?” Adolescent writers often ask these kinds of questions because traditional grammar instruction focuses too much on what’s right or what’s wrong. The fear of making a mistake hides the true power of conventions – the creation of meaning, purpose, and effect, the ultimate reading-writing connection.

    Inside Patterns of Power, Grades 6–8, teachers will find a quick yet comprehensive explanation of the invitational process—the easy-to-follow, brain-based process created to invite adolescent writers to learn about and apply conventions of the English language through the celebration of author’s purpose and craft. This process is the foundation on which 55 authentic, flexible, and effective lesson sets were built. Through practical guidance and ready-to-use lessons, you’ll be fully equipped to teach grammar in an engaging and authentic way in just 10 minutes a day.

    With hundreds of teach-tomorrow visuals and implementation supports that include quick-reference guides as well as soundtrack lists to infuse the joy of music into grammar instruction, Patterns of Power, Grades 6–8 gives you everything you need to inspire your adolescent writers to move beyond limitation and into the endless possibilities of what they can do as writers.

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    Author(s): Jeff Anderson and Travis Leech and Melinda Clark

    Pages: 448
    Publication Date: 2021
    ISBN: 9781625315151

    Price: $ 66.95
  • Better Reading Now

    50 ready-to-use teaching strategies to engage students, deepen comprehension, and nurture a love of reading

    Based on what we now know about reading, this practical book offers strategies in a consistent format that is easy for teachers to incorporate in their daily instruction. This grab-bag of classroom-tested activities allows teachers to choose what they need to meet the diverse needs of students in grades 1 through 8. These strategies guide students through the reading process and build important comprehension skills through reading, talk, art, drama, and more.  These innovative ways to use the best children’s books will inspire students to become enthusiastic and avid readers, and take the first giant step into becoming lifelong readers.

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    Author(s): Larry Swartz

    Pages: 128
    Publication Date: 2021
    ISBN: 9781551383491

    Price: $ 24.95
  • Why Do I Have to Read This?

    Literacy strategies to engage our most reluctant students

    "Why do I have to read this?”

    What teacher doesn’t dread this question? It usually comes from our most disengaged students like the class clown or the student who struggles to read and write at grade-level. Sometimes we hear it from a student who cries of boredom or one who is angry or apathetic. When we don’t know what else to try, it’s easy to become frustrated and give up on these challenging learners. In this practical book, literacy expert Cris Tovani shares her best secrets, lessons learned from big fails, and her most effective literacy and planning strategies that hook these hard to get learners. Inside Why Do I Have to Read This? readers will find:

    • literacy strategies for all content areas that support and engage a wide range of learners so they can read and write a variety of complex text
    • reference charts packed with small bites of instructional shifts that coaches and teachers can use to quickly adjust instruction to re-engage students
    • planning strategies that show teachers how to connect day-to-day instruction so that no day lives in isolation
    • versatile thinksheets that are reproducible and adaptable to different grade levels, content areas, and disciplines

    Above all, Cris gives teachers energy to get back into the classroom and face students who wear masks of disengagement. She reminds us of the importance of connecting students to compelling topics, rich text, useful targets, and worthy tasks. She reminds us of the importance of tending to students’ basic needs and helps us consider how to best structure instructional time. After reading this book, teachers will have new ways to connect with students in a deep, authentic way. Written in a humorous, compassionate, and wise voice, Why Do I Have to Read This? will provide answers to the pressing questions we have when we try to teach and reach all of our students.

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    Author(s): Cris Tovani

    Pages: 232
    Publication Date: 2020
    ISBN: 9781625311511

    Price: $ 42.95
  • Autism Lens, The

    Everything teachers need to connect with students, build confidence, and promote classroom learning

    The Autism Lens helps teachers to connect to students with autism and support them along their own unique trajectory. Bringing to life communication difficulties that impact socialization and learning, this book removes the guesswork by offering practical solutions and classroom-tested strategies. Woven throughout are stories that encourage teachers to see instruction from a student’s point of view. From this perspective, teachers can gain trust and nudge students into the space where learning happens.

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    Author(s): Kara Dymond

    Pages: 160
    Publication Date: 2020
    ISBN: 9781551383477

    Price: $ 24.95
    Price: $ 21.95 (eBook)
    Price: $ 34.95 (Paper + eBook)
  • What's the Difference?

    Building on Autism strengths, skills, and talents in your classrooms

    What’s the difference between teaching our students and our autistic students? Not much. This practical book argues that all students are unique. It focuses on integrating teaching autistic students into the teaching practice of the whole class. Based on extensive classroom experience, this highly readable book is full of anecdotes about engaged students growing in their learning. Lesson plans and checklists throughout the book help teachers get to know autistic students and help them with school work, emotional regulation, communication, socializing, and staying safe. This timely book champions getting rid of labels so teachers can know every student as an individual.

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    Author(s): Amanda Yuill

    Pages: 144
    Publication Date: 2021
    ISBN: 9781551383484

    Price: $ 24.95
  • Teaching Fairly in an Unfair World, 2nd Edition

    This era of “fake” news demands a deeper curriculum that questions inconsistencies of facts and opinions in various texts and images. This timely revision of a ground-breaking book offers opportunities for students to connect with social justice issues through inventive language exploration and the active examination of all forms of media. It encourages teachers to evaluate their core teaching beliefs and recognize the realities of their students’ lives for a richer understanding of our complex world. A glossary of more than fifty strategies, along with reproducible pages for easy classroom use, complement this essential resource.

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    Author(s): Kathleen Gould Lundy

    Pages: 160
    Publication Date: 2020
    ISBN: 9781551383439

    Price: $ 24.95
    Price: $ 21.95 (eBook)
    Price: $ 34.95 (Paper + eBook)
  • Joyful Math

    Invitations to play and explore in the early childhood classroom

    Joyful Math is about creating invitations for young children to engage with math ideas through art, literacy, and outdoor play. It focuses on building spaces in early childhood classrooms where children see themselves as mathematical thinkers with valuable ideas from the very start. The book is filled with a range of tools and models, including:

    • stories, vignettes, and photos illustrating how to develop a classroom environment that fosters curiosity and wonder for mathematics
    • practical tips for inviting students to engage in mathematical play throughout the day
    • examples of ways to document children’s experiences to make math learning visible to parents and the greater community

    Supported by her experiences exploring math with young children, Deanna’s methods will inspire educators to be curious about math, take risks, try different approaches, observe carefully, and collaborate with children as co-learners.

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    Author(s): Deanna McLennan

    Pages: 160
    Publication Date: 2020
    ISBN: 9781625313256

    Price: $ 39.95
  • Mathematical Imagining

    A routine for secondary classrooms

    Mathematical Imagining describes an original routine that gives students space and time to imagine a mathematical situation and then revise, discuss, and act upon the mental images they create. You can use this creative routine in your secondary classroom to glimpse into your students’ thinking and discover teaching opportunities while empowering them to create their own mathematics. Inside you’ll find the following:

    • an introduction to the routine including the rationale behind it, facilitation guidance, and classroom examples
    • modifications to implement the routine in your classroom, even with varying time constraints
    • 37 exercises broken into four categories: constructions, problem-solving, reasoning, and paradoxes
    • discussions of the mathematics involved in each exercise, including possible follow-up questions
    • instructions on how to create your own exercises beyond the book

    This one-of-a-kind resource is for secondary teachers looking to inspire student creativity and curiosity, deepen their own subject matter knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge, and invite all students to access the power of their own mathematical imaginations.

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    Author(s): Christof Weber

    Pages: 234
    Publication Date: 2020
    ISBN: 9781625312778

    Price: $ 44.95
  • Making Math Stick

    Classroom strategies that support the long-term understanding of math concepts

    This remarkable book shows teachers how to stop working harder and start working smarter. It describes a shift from “teach-test-move-on” to “teach-connect-apply” to optimize student learning. This valuable resource provides teachers with an understanding of simple, manageable, and sustainable strategies to change their approach immediately. These strategies build on heping students retain math concepts so they can apply them in novel situations down the road. The focus is on supporting teachers in framing instruction so that students strengthen their understanding, and can remember and apply learning. Making Math Stick is a game-changer that champions durable learning for all students.

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    Author(s): David Costello

    Pages: 144
    Publication Date: 2021
    ISBN: 9781551383507

    Price: $ 24.95
  • Shifting the Balance

    6 ways to bring the science of reading into the balanced literacy classroom

    From phonological processing to brain research to orthographic mapping to self-teaching hypothesis, Shifting the Balance cuts through the rhetoric (and the sciencey science) to offer readers a practical guide to decision-making about beginning reading instruction. The authors honor the balanced literacy perspective while highlighting common practices to reconsider and revise—all through a lens of what’s best for the students sitting in front of us.

    Across six shifts, each chapter

    • identifies a common instructional practice to reconsider
    • explores various misunderstandings that establish and keep that practice in play
    • shares scientific research to support its reconsideration
    • proposes an instructional shift to apply a new perspective, and
    • details several high-leverage instructional routines to support implementation of that shift.

    By pinpointing gaps and overlaps—as well as common misunderstandings and missed opportunities between the competing lines of thought—Jan and Kari offer busy educators direction and clarification for integrating science and balance into their daily instruction, while keeping meaningful experiences with text a priority.

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    Author(s): Jan Burkins and Kari Yates

    Pages: 200
    Publication Date: 2021
    ISBN: 9781625315106

    Price: $ 45.95
  • Cultivating Writers

    Elevate your writing instruction beyond the skills to ignite the will

    The 6 essential steps for nurturing writers who have the will to write are at the core of this practical book. Based on extensive classroom experience, the book explores how teachers can help students tap into their own life experiences, model the habits of a writer, and make use of the tools of the trade. Strategies throughout the book show teachers how to create an environment that helps students see writing as a rewarding experience in and outside the classroom. Powerful real-life anecdotes and ready-to-use activities support this guide to developing classrooms full of thoughtful, passionate writers.

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    Author(s): Anne Elliott and Mary Lynch

    Pages: 160
    Publication Date: 2020
    ISBN: 9781551383453

    Price: $ 24.95
    Price: $ 21.95 (eBook)
    Price: $ 34.95 (Paper + eBook)
  • 5 Kinds of Nonfiction

    Enriching reading and writing instruction with children's books

    For decades, we’ve classified fiction as a way to study, understand, and, ultimately, teach literacy better. However, up to now, nonfiction hasn’t received this same level of intention. In 5 Kinds of Nonfiction, Melissa Stewart and Marlene Correia present a new way to sort nonfiction into five major categories and show how doing so can help teachers and librarians build stronger readers and writers. Along the way, they

    • introduce the 5 kinds of nonfiction—active, browseable, traditional, expository literature, and narrative—and explore each category through discussions, classroom examples, and insights from leading children’s book authors;
    • offer tips for building strong, diverse classroom and library collections;
    • provide more than 20 activities to enhance literacy instruction; and
    • include innovative strategies for sharing and celebrating nonfiction with students.

    With more than 150 exemplary nonfiction book recommendations and Stewart and Correia’s extensive knowledge of literacy instruction, 5 Kinds of Nonfiction will elevate your understanding of nonfiction in ways that speak specifically to the info-kids in your classrooms, and will inspire all readers and writers.

    Coming in July 2021 — Pre-Order today!

    Author(s): Melissa Stewart and Marlene Correia

    Pages: 0
    Publication Date: 2020
    ISBN: 9781625314178

    Price: $ 42.95