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This book is not about Drama...

It's about new ways to inspire students

Part food for thought, part instruction manual, part stories and scripts to explore, and part encouragement to recharge, this practical book offers a comprehensive approach to using role play and discussion to build meaningful language experiences. It explores issues around storytelling, silent speech, writing, and imagination and shows teachers how to be effective observers and support the deeper meaning that comes from working inside and outside the text.

This authoritative resource is full of simple strategies and texts that have been chosen for their ability to engage students, get them out of their chairs, and let them learn actively and socially. The strategies begin with simple games, and evolve into more complex learning opportunities. The model texts give teachers a great place to start, and anecdotes from real classrooms put them into context. These classroom glimpses illustrate the real power that students can bring to their learning as they share within groups and find ways to involve their audience.

This book is not about Drama... is a must-read guide that shows teachers how to inspire students to experience, reflect, and express their ideas with confidence.

Author(s): Myra Barrs and Bob Barton and David Booth

Pages: 160 Publication Date: 2012 ISBN: 9781551382692

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