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Apprenticeship in Literacy, 2nd Edition

Transitions across reading and writing, K-4

Since its original publication, Apprenticeship in Literacy has become a teacher favourite, covering all aspects of a balanced literacy program in an integrated manner and showing how all components are differentiated to address the needs of diverse learners.

Grounded in social and cognitive learning theories, this timely second edition details to seven principles of apprenticeship learning. It helps K-4 teachers implement and assess guided reading, assissted writing, literature discussion groups, word study lessons, and literacy centres across an integrated curriculum. It also features updated research emphasizing the importance of early reading; information of how behaviours align to curriculum standards; dozens of new classoom examples; schedules for implementing a workshop frameword, and much more.

The theme of apprenticeship resonates throughout the book -- children learn from teachers and teachers learn from one another as they promote children's transfer of knowledge across multiple contexts.

Author(s): Linda J. Dorn and Tammy Jones

Pages: 240 Publication Date: 2012 ISBN: 9781571109668

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