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Student-Driven Learning

Small, medium, and big steps to engage and empower students

Designed to help teachers reflect on their current teaching practice, this innovative approach to classroom instruction suggests small shifts, medium-sized ideas, and big changes that can be made to encourage student engagement through flexible, student-centred learning.

Teachers know that their students love to explore and learn. But how can we bring experiential, autonomous learning to 30 students, with different needs, learning styles, and background, all in one small room with one teacher in the class? This practical book argues that the answer isn't rewriting the curriculum or writing individualized lessons for each student. The answer is to introduce opportunities for students to learn in their own way; to take initiative; and to experience, wonder, and create.

Ideal for new and experienced teachers, Student-Driven Learning is a powerful guide to creating lifelong learners who are ready for what the future will bring.

Author(s): Jennifer Harper and Kathryn O'Brien

Pages: 128 Publication Date: 2012 ISBN: 9781551382784

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