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When Writing Workshop Isn't Working

Answers to ten tough questions

Writing is hard work. Teaching it can be even harder. This timely book provides practical advice to overcome the most common problems, and get the writing workshop back on track. The ten key questions this book addresses include:

  • How do I help students who don`t know what to write about?
  • How do I help students develop stronger vocabulary and word choice?
  • How do I prepare my students for standardized tests without compromising my writing program?
  • How should I assess student writing?
  • How can I help my students use revision effectively?

With multiple suggestions based on what works in real classrooms, this book is a handy reference tool for answering specific questions as they come up throughout the year.

Author(s): Mark Overmeyer

Pages: 144 Publication Date: 2006 ISBN: 9781571104045

Price: $ 48.95
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