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Number Sense Routines, Grades 3-5

Building mathematical understanding every day

Upper elementary teachers have a big job: to help students deepen their mathematical understanding and become better mathematicians. Number Sense Routines is about tapping into every child's innate number sense and providing daily, connected experiences that are responsive to children's learning needs. Through familiar 5-, 10-, and 15-minute daily warm-up routines, the book offers both beginner and veteran teachers easy and effective ways to build and solidify students' number sense foundations. Each routine becomes an exciting opportunity to assess where students are in their understanding and help them articulate and extend their thinking. Not only will these routines help develop students' mathematical understanding, but teachers will learn to better recognize the big ideas that emerge in discussions, how to encourage important strategies based in number sense, and how to facilitate dialogue on key mathematical concepts.

Author(s): Jessica Shumway

Pages: 152 Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 9781625310880

Price: $ 56.95
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