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Deeper learning through movement, talk, and flexible classrooms

Discover what happens when your students step our of their daily routines and activate their engagement!

This passionate book argues that movement, talk, and the physical environment of the classroom all contribute to and influence children's learning. No matter the subject, the book invites you to shift your attention from what you are doing to what your students are doing as the catalyst for learning. It provides insights into instruction through real classroom lessons as it offers the tools you ned to better assess engagement and energy levels. You'll discover practical ways to incorporate movement into the classroom routine, based on research on how an active brain generates true learning. The ideas in Activate will help you create a classroom optimized for deeper engagement and lasting learning.

Author(s): Katherine Mills Hernandez

Pages: 168 Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 9781625311269

Price: $ 33.95
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