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The Gift of Story

Exploring the Affective Side of the Reading Life

In this book of the heart, teacher, librarian, book lover, and story ambassador, John Schu, known to reading communities all over as Mr. Schu, invites readers to consider literacy beyond its academic benefits, highlighting the ways story speaks to our hearts and brings us together. Presented through a study of five affective elements—healer, inspiration, clarifier, compassion, and connector—The Gift of Story explores how the universal truths found in stories can change us, inspire us, connect us to others, answer our deepest questions, and help us heal. Along the way, readers will encounter insightful contributions from educators, children’s writers and illustrators, as well as recommendations for sharing the gift of story with learning communities.


Author(s): John Schu

Pages: 184 Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 9781625312082

Price: $ 55.95
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