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Layers of Learning

Using read-alouds to connect literacy and caring conversations

When we layer together the two ideas that the books we share not only serve an academic purpose, but they also convey big, affective messages, our classroom conversations become richer and student learning becomes more meaningful. Layers of Learning explores read-aloud strategies designed to enhance your reading and writing standards by capitalizing on the way literature can impact caring communities. With over 200 picture-book suggestions, author JoEllen McCarthy introduces the Heartprint Framework, which demonstrates how you can layer literacy and life lessons throughout your day using multiple connections across learning. Inside, you’ll find the following:

  • 60 read-aloud-based connections that support caring classroom conversations, lesson planning, and extensions
  • Instructional opportunities for nurturing readers and writers during workshop, small-group, and individual conversations
  • Literacy Snapshot photo essays with ideas to adopt or adapt
  • Continuing connections with additional resources and invitations for further learning

Layers of Learning is structured around four key elements: Community, Agency, Respect, and Empowerment, or CARE. Inside you’ll discover the tools you need to emphasize reading and writing connections, character education, and culturally responsive teaching, while championing the power of read alouds to affect independent readers, writers, and thinkers.

Author(s): JoEllen McCarthy

Pages: 232 Publication Date: 2020 ISBN: 9781625312914

Price: $ 59.95
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