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High Frequency Words

Strategies that build skills in spelling, vocabulary and word play

Lesson plans for nearly 100 tricky words students need most. Each lesson plan includes:

  • words related to the target word — foundation word, instructional sequence, new words, and common error
  • a thorough discussion of strategies for using the word with students — from phonemic awareness and visual clues to tips for modeling the word and using an analogy
  • a simple mnemonic device to help students remember words

Ready-to-use, reproducible activity sheets that complement many of the lessons provide opportunities for students to apply a strategy to familiar and new situations. This remarkable book offers students a foundation for future learning with the tools they need to spell and use language effectively.

Author(s): Ken Marland

Pages: 112 Publication Date: 2002 ISBN: 9781551381442

Price: $ 28.95
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